Together, we can help families cope with COVID-19

Sponsor a $50 gift card to a family with a child with a special need or disability in need

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Sponsor a $50 gift card to a family with a child with a special need or disability in need

Let's come together to support families in need

Update! We've met our goal of $2500 and it's only 9:39am. Let's keep going and try to raise $3,200! Together, we can help 14 more families - providing 64 families in need with $50 gift cards.

Parents across the nation are struggling. Schools are closed and shelter-in-place is the new normal. Trying to hold down jobs remotely, or reeling from the loss of a job, we're all worried about our kids. All of us have suddenly become teacher and playmate for our children. For a family with special needs, COVID-19 is much harder, as children require specialized services and even more attention and care.

Today is #GivingTuesdayNow, a global day of giving for nonprofits. Would you help us meet our goal of providing $50 gift cards to 64 families in need?

Every year, FRN works with 2,000 families who have children with developmental delays, disabilities and special health care needs. We are unique because every single staff member of ours is a member of the community we serve: we all have a child with a special health care need or disability.

  • Many are immigrants who have lost their job or now have reduced hours, and do not qualify for any available financial aid.
  • Many are worried about making rent. One mom said "I have enough money for this month's rent, but I have no idea what will happen next month."
  • Many don’t have transportation to get to food banks (and some cannot get there because of needing to care for their children or having children who are medically fragile).
  • Loss of critical supports for children leaves families to care for their children without the help of multiple highly trained professionals.
  • Families are experiencing extreme levels of stress trying to balance it all

At FRN, we're working hard to provide support to families during this crisis. Instead of fifteen minutes on a call, we're spending an hour talking to a family who is stressed. We're providing virtual playgroups and trainings so families are less isolated. We're calling Food Banks to arrange for delivery for medically complex families. We're helping families hold their IEPs with school districts by phone. With your support, we can also provide some emergency financial support to help families cope.

For #GivingTuesdayNow, will you help us provide a $50 gift card to 64 families in need? They'll be able to buy food, diapers, cleaning supplies and instructional materials (paper, crayons) for their children.